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We live in two worlds, the first we call the real world, its physical and soil. Its walking out your door in the morning, it’s the objects you surround yourself with, the clothes you wear, the words you say to your friends, the texts you send.

The second is ethereal like smoke floating on a breeze. It many takes many forms, it’s in our memories, it’s the time we spend alone, it’s in our browser history, the secrets we keep, the fantasies we escape too, it’s in the natural and digital world alike.

What does it feel like to travel between the two?
We do it every day...

Do you remember that feeling?

Featured Work          

Pathways and Tree Roots

I remember days at school, singing to trees in the playground,
and thinking, hoping they would sing back.
I remember learning about pathways in the brain, neurons spreading out like tree roots.
The roots, the pathways, form memories.
The more you walk the paths the stronger they get. I walked many paths, over and over again.
I’m so scared of forgetting,
forgetting that little girl that sang to trees.
But I forgot.
I forgot most of my childhood.
It’s like, pictures in a photo album, stories I’m told. that’s what I remember.
But it’s not me.
It’s another version of me.
It’s not a little girl singing to trees.

Stills from a collection of films made in 2020.

I often find myself taking long walks to get away from the world, I find in these walks I eneter a world of my own. A world within a world. But when as we enter our own world so does what we carry with us.

Technology has changed how we interact with the world, we carry it with us everyday. Just as the landscape we live has shaped us so has the digtal age.   

Stills from my Film Dartmoor, 2019. 
collection of short videos from 2019 and 2020 exploring our relationship the natural and the digital.