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Kate Gardiner

We live in two worlds, the first we call the real world, its physical and soild.
Its walking out your door in the morning, it’s the objects you surround yourself
with, the clothes you wear, the words you say to your friends, the texts you send.

The second is ethereal like smoke floating on a breeze. It many takes many forms,
it’s in our memories, it’s the time we spend alone, it’s in our browser history,
the secrets we keep, the fantasies we escape too, it’s in the natural and digital
world alike.

What does it feel like to travel between the two?

We do it every day...

Do you remember that feeling?


B.A Fine Art, 2020 – Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

UAL Diploma in Art & Design Foundation Studies (fine art), 2017 -  Exeter School of Art


  • Chelsea Interim show Chelsea College of Arts, February 18th 2020

  • Throught and Action Triangle space, London, November 19th - 2019

  • Second Year Does it! Chelsea College of Arts, May 20th -2019

  • Arch Nemesis
    arch555, brixton, London. March 13th 2019

  • The Anonymous Exhibition Telephone box gallery, London – January 17th 2019

  • Territories of practice Chelsea College of Arts,  December 6th 2018,

  • The Chelsea CAKES collective 59 hackney road, London, May 10th – May 13th  2018

  • first year EXHIBITION Triangle Space, London, November 30th -2017Cookhouse, London, November 30th - 2017

  • Summer Show  Exeter School of Art, Exeter, June 10th -  June 14th - 2017

Telephone Box Gallery

part of curatorial team

  • ANA Mendes' KINKY – February 21st, 2019
  • EILERT PILARM: One Night Only  -  January 31th 2019
  • Photosynthesis - January 24th, 2019
  • The Anonymous Exhibition – January 17th 2019
  • PANTONE – November 2018